The captain broke his silence on this issue of match-fixing
The captain broke his silence on this issue of match-fixing
Describing the IPL 2013 match-fixing episode as "the most difficult and frustrating" of his life, Mahendra Singh Dhoni questioned what was wrong with the players. The two-time World Cup winning captain broke his silence on this issue in the 'Rear of the Lion' post document. Due to the role of management in this episode of shocking Indian cricket, Chennai Super Kings had to face a two-year ban. Dhoni said that the year 2013 was the difficult year of his life. I never felt so disappointed as it was at that time.

Earlier, disappointment in the World Cup 2007 when we lost in Group stage. But in that, we played poor cricket. He said but in 2013 the pic was entirely different. People used to talk about match-fixing and spot-fixing. That was the same thing happening across the country at that time. " Dhoni said in the first episode 'What Did We Do Rong' broadcast on Hotstar that the players knew that there was going to be a severe punishment.
Chennai Super Kings banned for two years. There were mixed feelings at that time because you take a lot of things on yourself. This was the question of captaincy as to what was wrong with the team. "

The World Cup-winning captain said that his team made a mistake but only a few players were involved in it. Due to the mistake of some players the entire team had to face it all." "My name has also sprung up in fixing issues," he said, adding that the media and social media should be included in the media as well, I am also involved, is it possible? Yes, anyone can spot the spot-fixing. , Batsmen, bowlers but players are involved in match-fixing. "
Dhoni said that the team made a mistake, but what players were involved in, what was the fault of the players, that they had to face it all, Mahi further said, My name also came in the talk of FICCIng being shown in media and social media. I felt like joining the team and in this episode I am also involved, is it possible?

Dhoni further said that I did not want to talk to anyone on this issue but it was intruding me inside, I was not wanting. I do not want anything to affect my game, cricket is the most important thing for me. It is a big crime, even with match-fixing slaughter. Whatever I am today is due to cricket, the biggest crime for me is not murder but match-fixing.

It is worth noting that the match-fixing junk that was picked up in the IPL in the year 2013 had played a big role, after which two franchisees of IPL franchise team Chennai Super Kings and the Rajasthan Royals team were banned for two years. In which Chennai Super Kings captain MS Dhoni was doing the same. During this time, many players of this franchise team were also questioned.
Dhoni said in the documentary that match-fixing is a big crime.

If people think that the result of the match is extraordinary because it is a fix then people will get confidence from cricket and nothing will hurt me for it. "