World Cup 2019: 2 ways Yuvraj Singh can return to Team India
World Cup 2019: 2 ways Yuvraj Singh can return to Team India

Even today there are fans who feel that the expectation of Yuvraj Singh's return is difficult, but not impossible. To say the truth is almost impossible.

In such a situation, for just a few days left for the team's announcement for the World Cup, the possibility of a place in the team is very less for this World Cup 2011 winner.  As we all know that everything in life is unpredictable and we can’t be certain that whatever we are assuming will come true or not. But, yeah miracles do happen. So, we can keep hope n a positive way and pray for Yuvraj.
# 1 Great performance in the IPL:
It is certain that if Yuvraj wants to open the doors for his selection, the, first of all, the IPL 2019 will not only perform well but also perform some extraordinary performance, just like he did while winning the previous World Cup title of the Indian team. They need to play again with passion like the 18-year-old youth, and with their spectacular batting, the opponents have to be demolished, and not just in one or two matches but in almost every match.
If his team looks at the batting form of the Mumbai Indians in the IPL, it would seem that Yuvraj will play in the middle order, and in a sense, given the ongoing middle-order struggles of Team India, it will present their claim for them. It can also be a great opportunity to do.

# 2 Injuries to some players

Even if Yuvraj plays extraordinary cricket in the IPL, talented players like Ambati Rayudu, KL Rahul, Vijay Shankar, and Kedar Jadhav will have to knock them out in the race to get a place. However, in case of one or a few of them being injured, the doors of return can open for Yuvraj.

Looking at Yuvraj's international experience (304 ODIs) and his good IPL format (assuming he plays well), he can certainly be successful in making this place as a good option in this situation and it is possible They can also find a place in the last XI

Now what will happen between all these possibilities and the impossibilities will come in the days to come, but there will hardly be any doubt that Yuvraj Singh is one of the finest Indian players to play cricket and his contribution to Indian cricket It can never be forgotten and, of course, it is one of the priceless gems of Indian cricket.